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I need you to tell me you believe in crystal skulls

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24 December 1983
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The Butterfly Effect explains how a deadbeat dad can cause his daughter to get a butterfly tattoo years later.
angelina jolie, architecture in helsinki, babysitting, bali, be your own pet, beach, beatles, beer, ben lee, birds of tokyo, bjork, bloc party, bpal, brad pitt, british india, cake batter, chicks on speed, cinema, clothes horse, cloverdale, cottesloe, crossbreeds, css, curly hair, custom kings, daft punk, datarock, dining, dough, dusty springfield, eagles of death metal, echo and the bunnymen, el horizonte, electric six, end of fashion, enid blyton, europe, eurotrash, family, film noir, flight of the conchords, flowers, franz ferdinand, freaks and geeks, french, french first, freo, friends, girltalk, glitter, grey's anatomy, gym, hot chip, howling bells, interpol, ipod, jogging, justic, kasabian, kate bush, kings of leon, klaxons, late night walks, leederville, live music, lost, m.i.a, magazines, magnum ego, makeup whore, mashups, massage, mint chocolate icecream, modest mouse, moolah, mt lawley, my dog, my morning jacket, nail polish, naturepark, nick cave, nouvelle vague, olives, pampering, peaches, pendulum, peppermint choc tops, perfume addict, perth, pink, playing in the park, pnau, polyphonic spree, popcorn, pretty things, pubs, queen, queens of the stoneage, reading, reunions, ridgebackx, robyn, rolling stones, rpm, santogold, sashimi, shaun micallef, shoes, simon and garfunkel, spank rock, stcarnamedwant, subiaco, sushi, swan river, tetris, the arcade fire, the city, the country, the cure, the eels, the go! team, the gossip, the grates, the panda band, the presets, the shins, the streets, the thrills, todd solondz, vietnam, western australia, white chocolate, wine, your wedding night, yumcha

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